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3D Printing


3D printing

Let Nano Components help with printing your prototypes using the latest SLA ( stereolithography ) technology from Form Labs, we have a full suite of products from them available to you and with the huge range of materials your can print in, there's no limit to the capability of this resource other than your immagination!

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Formlabs form2

The FormLabs Form 2 is the most advanced SLA 3D printer in the world at the moment. With a resolution down to 25 micron, and large size printing area of 145×145×175mm this printer can do it all, With a heated & automated resin dispensing system and unique wiper design, plus the suite of software that will transform almost any file type to be compatible with it, 3D printing has become more accessible than ever before.

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You name it, we can do it, from high temperature, to fully functional flexibility, all of your prototypes can be in your hand the very next day and ready to demonstrate your products functionality. Check out the full range of materials here.

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Form Wash and Cure

The newest and by far the best post production suite of products from any 3D printing brand, comes these two beauties.

Fully automated and design for ease of use, these two in combination will extend the life of your product and clean it better than any human hand ever could.

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Limitless design

Imagine your dreams come true, your product revisions and seamless design changes can be made possible with this amazing machine. Speak to us about how we can help.