Nano Components Pty Ltd
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Research and Development

Have a project or idea to bring to market? Offering a full stack of capability, from PCB layout and circuit design, through to mechanical, software and smartphone app development. Not forgetting prototype and full scale manufacturing and all testing phases, Nano Components has brought projects to life with its network of partners and affiliates. Talk to us today about what the future holds for your idea.



Using trusted names both domestically and internationally who are in many cases clients of ours, Nano Components is the perfect partner and capable of delivering on time and at the right price as we're a sourcing expert.

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Project Management& Testing

Nano Components can advise and deliver on your projects, talk to us today about unlocking your PCB design and products full potential, from design to delivery and also sales and marketing, we will back you all the way through to the start of a new beginning. Our testing experience and exposure crosses all industries and we can streamline this process for you, sail through with a strong head wind when others are just edging forward.

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PCB layout and Mechanical design

Using only the latest versions of Altium and Solidworks, Nano Components along with its strong prototyping ability and background in PCB production has worked in both the Military and also the Medical industries to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to your real world challenges. From the most simplest of designs to the most complex, high density, mechanically constrained briefs, Nano Components has seen it all, partner with us today on how we can support your projects now and into the future.


Software and App Develop


Capturing data and the Integration into back end systems in today's marketplace is all important on your ROI sales pitch, the push into IoT space and connectivity on multiple platforms can be a costly and daunting deliverable. Nano Components understands the value of your data and with its partner in App development and over 15 years of smartphone development, can simplify and give you the edge on your competitors.